To get help in protecting your rights:

  • You may use our online intake form to request assistance. After you submit the form, one of our intake staff will contact you within two business days.
  • You may call us between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday:
    • Phone: 919-856-2195
    • Toll Free (within NC): 1-877-235-4210
    • TTY: 1-888-268-5535

Call Us

When you call Disability Rights NC, the receptionist will ask you a few screening questions.

  1. “Why are you calling Disability Rights NC?”
  2. “Do you have a disability?”
  3. “If you are not a person with a disability, are you the parent of a minor child with a disability or the legal guardian of a person with a disability?”
    • We need to know if you have the authority to legally “hire” us to represent the person with a disability.
  4. “What kind of help are you seeking?”

If you need help with an issue that Disability Rights NC can address, the receptionist will create a record of your request in our database. One of our Intake Specialists will return your call within two working days.

If necessary, we will make repeated attempts to reach you, and we will keep a record of each attempt. However, if we are still unable to reach you after leaving several messages, we will stop trying.

Our Phone Interview Process

Our Intake Specialists have extensive experience working with people with disabilities and understanding the challenges and abuses they may face.

When an Intake Specialist returns your call, they must collect basic information, including your name, age, gender, race, income, type of disability, etc. We must collect this information to include in reports we file with our federal grant funders. The answers to these questions will not impact our decision to take your case or not. All of our services are free regardless of your income.

After the Interview

One of our attorneys will review the information from your interview. The attorney will check to see if your issue has merit – in other words, whether a law, regulation, or policy has been violated. The attorney also will determine if your situation falls within one of our areas of work.

If your case has merit and falls within one of our Targets, it will be referred to one of our attorneys for further evaluation.

If we are unable to take your case, the Intake Specialist will provide you with self-advocacy information or a referral to another agency that may be able to help.


For help in states other than North Carolina, please visit the National Disability Rights Network website and find the appropriate agency in your state.