Photograph of Cindie (center) with advocates ____ (left) and Kat Slager (right)

Cindie Steeber is deaf and communicates primarily through American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. She is pursuing a criminal justice degree at a community college to increase her employment opportunities. But she was frustrated with the quality and consistency of the ASL interpreters provided to her by the college, some of whom were students still taking sign language classes. So she called Disability Rights NC.

We filed a complaint with the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights on Cindie’s behalf. That office mediated an Early Complaint Resolution, under which the college agreed to improve its interpreter services and allow Cindie to retake classes.

Cindie let us know that the situation had significant improved. “I can’t wait to graduate — that makes me smile — and put on that cap and gown and be queen for the day,” she said.