DRNC’s NC ID Project

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About NC ID DRNC is excited to announce that we have officially launched the NC ID Project, a new program designed to help people newly released from prison get an […]

Resources for a Successful Reentry

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There are many reentry services and supports to help you or a loved one have a successful reentry after incarceration. Read on for a list of these resources. Reentry Resources […]

The Prison COVID Lawsuit

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Information and resources to answer your questions about the Prison COVID lawsuit, new DPS COVID mitigation efforts, and early releases.

Stop Torture in NC’s Prisons

image of a solitary confinement cell - plank to lay on, small window, toilet that is also a sink, and small desk attached to concrete wall

Put a person in that cell. No visits, no phone calls. No books, radio, tv or personal property of any sort to engage them. Put them there in this solitude for months, years

Order Protects Incarcerated People

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Court orders immediate action to protect people incarcerated in NC prisons from COVID-19 Today, in a lifesaving decision, Superior Court Judge Rozier issued an order outlining immediate actions to protect […]

Suicide Rates in NC Jails at Record Highs

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Suicide Rates in NC Jails at Record Highs but Sheriffs Block Reforms For Immediate Release 6/02/2020 Contact: Susan Pollitt: 919-856-2195 ext. 224, susan.pollitt@disabilityrightsnc.org or Luke Woollard: 919-856-2195 ext. 211, luke.woollard@disabilityrightsnc.org […]

Social Distancing Impossible in Overcrowded Jails

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DRNC urges immediate action North Carolina jails are chronically overcrowded, making social distancing impossible. Jail overcrowding breaks down the basic function of the jails, according to the DOJ National Institute […]