Teenage depression. Psychologist working with teen girl at office, talking to her patient, taking notes, selective focus

What is the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR)? DHSR is a branch of the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) responsible for making sure that people in […]

News Reports on PRTFs

A light-skinned boy with short blond hair sits on the floor of a darkened bed room in a prtf, light from the window reflects on the wall and his face.

NC sends kids to PRTFs both in and out of state. These articles report on violations and abuse in NC PRTFs and out-of-state PRTFs where NC sends kids. “Locked Away” […]

NC’s Hidden Children

A child looks through a keyhole in the door of a prtf room. Only the eye and a sliver of the face is visible.

We interview DRNC Attorney Joonu Coste about the state’s dangerous practice of sending children to PRTFs in other states. What she shares will shock you.

Breaking the Silence: Jenny’s Story

A little girl waits for her parents to come and get her.

This is the story of Jenny, who was fed vodka as a newborn. A missed diagnosis and significant system failures caused a decade of suffering and crises for her and her adoptive parents.

Let’s Break the Silence

view of the lower part of a boy's unsmiling face

Staff Post:  Joonu Coste Equal Justice Works Fellow (sponsored by an anonymous donor) Confronting the stigma around children’s mental health disabilities After my first year of law school, I interned at […]

Criminal Charges Instead of Treatment

silhouette of a boy sitting in front of a window in a completely dark room

DRNC launched Bring NC Kids Home in January 2021 to shine a light on the abuse that happens in some PRTFs.  We told you for the next few months we would give you a front […]

Have You Stayed in a PRTF?

young woman hugging knees sitting on a bed. face is not visible

We want to hear from you. Share your stories and help us advocate for kids who are sent away to PRTFs.


a child's bed in an empty room of an NC PRTF facility. worn stuffed animals on the bed and abandoned untied shoes on the floor. small window is over the bed.

We want to keep our kids safe and do everything we can to protect them. We want to make sure they have access to education and health care, so they can learn, succeed and thrive.  You would agree that […]