Safe and Secure Schools Project

Three students, two black girls and one white boy, sit on a bench together doing homework. They all wear masks.

Learn about DRNC”s Safe and Secure Schools project, and what parents can do if they suspect their child is being mistreated at school.

Stop Discrimination in Schools

young black girl student writes

Stop H247  H247 is an education bill with two provisions that will allow schools to enact discipline policies that discriminate based on race and disability. DRNC, in collaboration with the Education Justice Alliance, sent […]

Why Leandro Matters

group of elementary students working at a table

Why is Leandro Important for Students with Disabilities? Students with disabilities are covered under the Leandro court decision. Leandro established that the North Carolina constitution guarantees all North Carolina students […]

Accessing Special Education during COVID-19

Empty chairs and desks in a classroom

Your child’s rights during school closures Is my child still entitled to special education during school closures? Yes. The laws protecting the rights of special education students still apply during […]

COVID-19 and Special Education

Resources for Students with Disabilities during COVID-19 Remote IEP Meetings: Tips for Parents Fact Sheet: Accessing special education during COVID-19 Resources for Distance Learning Additional Resources Supporting students with autism […]

Resources for Distance Learning

icon: graduation cap with tassel symbolizing education and earning

Recent Guidance from NC Dept. of Public Instruction, Exceptional Children Division If our school district transitions to virtual instruction, how should the school district handle the delivery of special education and […]