Celebrating Clients’ Fair Housing Victories

Lisa nesbitt holding the fair housing advocacy award

Many people don’t give their secure housing a second thought.  But for far too many North Carolinians, safe, accessible housing can be cruelly elusive. Disabled people are the most likely […]

Big Housing Win for People with Disabilities

apartment for rent sign (red letters on white background) in an green but overgrown yard in front of housing in NC town. Tenants must be given specific reasons for evictions, in this NC Supreme Court ruling.

NC Supreme Court rules landlords must give specific reasons for eviction Having a place to call home is the most basic need for all people. Housing provides safety. Housing provides […]

Facing Eviction? There is Help

black woman wearing a mask, worried about eviction

Are you or a loved one facing eviction? You are not alone. COVID-19 has disproportionally impacted people with disabilities and exacerbated unemployment and housing instability. But there is help. Read on to learn more.

Reasonable Accommodations in Housing

two story yellow apartment building with 4 units

The Fair Housing Act says that landlords, sellers, and homeowner’s associations cannot discriminate against people with disabilities. This means that they cannot refuse to rent to you because you or your family member has a disability