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2021 Spring Lake Election: Mayor and Board of Alderman

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Election Day is November 2
Early Voting is Oct. 14 – Oct. 30

Pick the Winners!

All Spring Lake voters may vote for 1 candidate for Mayor and up to 5 candidates for Aldermen. The election is nonpartisan, with no party labels. The candidate for Mayor and the 5 candidates for Aldermen with the most votes will win. The winners will serve for 2 years.

The Mayor presides at Town Board meetings. The Town Board of Aldermen appoints the Town Manager, adopts ordinances, and oversees the functions listed at the end of this guide.



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I’m a mother, combat veteran, business owner, president of a nonprofit, and Greater Sandhills Chamber founding member. I served my country as a leader in the US Army and my community as an activist focused on marginalized communities, including food distributions, voter registration drives, census drives, and COVID-19 testing.

My top 2 or 3 priorities if elected:

As the Mayor of Spring Lake, my top priorities will be increasing the availability of jobs, increasing the production and supply of affordable housing for renters and homeowners, becoming the community of choice for our military and their families, and renewing the confidence of our community in our government.

How I’d address 1 issue (affordable housing):

Spring Lake has over 1,500 residents that spend more than 30% of their incomes on housing. We must aim to increase the production and supply of a wide variety of housing for renters and homeowners that is attractive, safe, and, most importantly, affordable for all area residents, including the elderly.

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Background: I have served as Alderwoman for four years now for the Town of Spring Lake.  That’s two terms.  I am the Founder of a 501c3 organization in Spring Lake.

My top 2 or 3 priorities if elected:

1: Develop a plan to bring in new business and do what we can to help our existing businesses by working closer with them.  2: Build the trust and earn the respect of citizens by identifying the needs of the town and doing what it takes to make things happen.

How I’d address one issue (jobs for youth):

It’s important to our community for youth to receive training and build a strong work commitment in the community. Teaming up with businesses that are willing to offer internships and on-the-job training while they are young will help them to invest and give back what they learn to their community.

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Background: I’ve been on the Town Board of Aldermen for 16 years. I am an ordained minister, graduate of Carolina Bible College, a military spouse, and retired from career with Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union. I’ve been chairperson of Woodland West for over 20 years, and served on other community boards.

My top 2 or 3 priorities if elected:

My top focus is educating citizens about local government, town finances, and the importance of economic development for our growth and tax base. Our property tax rate is higher than in many other cities. We need citizens to be involved, attend Board meetings, ask questions and hold the Board accountable.

How I’d address one issue (police accountability):

I believe that there should be accountability for a police force. They are here to protect and serve. There should be respect from the citizens as well as police officers. Nothing should be hidden, everything should be straightforward, laid out on the table. Again, accountability, respect for another.

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Background: I am a Spring Lake native and US Army veteran. I’ve worked in Finance and Management and now I own a few small businesses in the area. I don’t have experience in local government; however, I feel that common sense and caring will carry Spring Lake to a higher plateau.

My top 2 or 3 priorities if elected:

1: Transparency to the citizens about how the town plans to rise above the issues currently ongoing. 2. Work collectively with Board members and the community to create overall growth, i.e., Economic Development, Affordable Housing and building resources for Community Affairs. 3: Be the voice of reason for the citizens.

How I’d address 1 issue (affordable housing):

There’s a development underway in town that is building $300,000 homes, but we need to be mindful that we have many residents who can’t afford that kind of price. We should partner with builders to provide quality homes that are affordable. I’m a strong advocate for affordable housing.

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Did not respond to questions


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Background: I grew up in Spring Lake and am a public school teacher. I’m a member of our school’s SIT leadership team that makes key decisions, and I have experience with budgets from my previous job at Food Lion. I am also pursuing a certification for elementary education at East Carolina.

My top 2 or 3 priorities if elected:

1: As your alderwoman, I would focus on economic development to bring housing and new businesses. 2: We must make tough decisions to get the Town’s general fund in order. We need to have the right people managing the Town’s financial operations and make sure they have proper training, with our oversight.

How I’d address one issue (police accountability):

Police officers should be accountable public servants who work collaboratively and transparently to ensure fairness for all citizens. One way to bring accountability is to make sure the police department’s policies, training and supervision work altogether. Officers also need to go back to community policing to create rapport with citizens.

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: Politically active since my youth. Spring Lake Alderman since 2017. Serve as board member of NC League of Municipalities, president of Women in Municipal Government, secretary of NC Black Elected Municipal Officials, and community leader with National League of Cities. I am an auditor/case investigator for Carolina Community Tracing Collaboration.

My top 2 or 3 priorities if elected:

1: More transparency so the public can know about, and be informed in, town government. 2: Fiscal responsibility. The Board must take control of our financial situation and operate within the budget. 3: Education. The town’s staff and Board need proper training to effectively carry out our duties and responsibilities.

How I’d address one issue (police accountability):

Our police department can improve community relations and accountability by having more one-on-one contact and participation at community events. We can also pledge to adopt many of the policies of 8 Can’t-Wait with an emphasis on rigorous training, community oversight, body cameras and excessive force.

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Background: I’m a retired educator with more than 30 years’ experience, currently tutoring for Cumberland County Schools. I don’t have any political experience, but I have been very involved in the community and with the citizens, especially the youth. As an educator, I am able to listen, learn, lead and follow.

My top 2 or 3 priorities if elected:

The town needs qualified and transparent leadership. We need to repair the image of town. We need to assure the citizens that the finances of the town will be put in the hands of responsible and trustworthy people. The town needs a facelift to attract businesses as well as customers.

How I’d address one issue (affordable housing):

Encourage landlords to repair or upgrade the vacant housing we now have available. Provide information and assistance to lower-income families that struggle to pay rent out of their financial reach. Find more programs that will monitor and assist with housing assistance, including landlord’s repairs.

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Background:  I am a retired Master Sergeant from the Army and currently work as a Compliance Officer with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.  I have years of experience leading people and understanding regulations.  My knowledge and experience will make for sound decision making for our Spring Lake residents.

My top 2 or 3 priorities if elected:

(A)ccountablity; (B)uild Trust; (C)hange the Culture.  By implementing these ABCs, our residents, business owners, town employees as well as our Fort Bragg neighbors can be proud of Spring Lake!  A place to call home!  Let’s change Spring Lake for the better!

How I’d address one issue (affordable housing):

Affordable Housing is a relative term; with better jobs, comes higher housing costs.  The key is to have quality homes for people to live in and feel safe.  A community needs stores, grocery stores, police and fire department nearby in order to sustain a community.

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Did not respond to questions


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: I was born and raised in Spring Lake. I am a husband and father, with a baby on the way. I manage a $15 million financial services office. I mentor youth and am the media director for my church. I believe greater things are in store for our town.

My top 2 or 3 priorities if elected:

1: Replenish the town’s cash fund; put someone in office who has experience in financial services and hold public meetings that detail our reconciliation of town funds to ensure transparency and accountability. 2: Restore our pride of ownership in Spring Lake. 3: Revitalize our town.

How I’d address one issue (police accountability):

I am a firm believer in ease-of-access to public information. I propose body camera footage be accessible electronically to any police report requested and stored digitally.

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Background: I am a Spring Lake native and US Army veteran with 21 years of service. I am committed to fostering strong relationships between veterans and the community for our Town’s growth. I worked for the Recreation and Parks Department for 2.5 years and now serve on the Recreation Advisory Committee.

My top 2 or 3 priorities if elected:

My priorities include community/economic development to create more career-based jobs; revitalize and clean up the Town; sponsor mentorship programs for youth – they are our future; build stronger relations with Fort Bragg’s leadership; implement better bookkeeping practices and paper trail documentation for financial accountability.

How I’d address one issue (police accountability):

Some steps I would take to improve police accountability and community relations include scheduling monthly meetings with the police and citizens of the community to address issues or concerns that they could be having. I would try to organize community programs and neighborhood projects with the involvement of the police.

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More Information


  1. Your one vote can make a big difference in who wins a local election. How just one person voted − or didn’t vote − determined the winners in elections in 39 North Carolina cities in 2019. Your vote matters!
  2. The Town Board makes decisions that affect nearly every part of your life − police conduct, new jobs, spending tax money wisely, parks, water rates, possible zoning for a new grocery store (or landfill). But you decide who wins!
  3. Listen to what other voters say about why they’re voting . . .
    1. “. . . too many of my ancestors died for me not to be using my right to vote.” – Kristen Marion
    2. “. . . I want someone in city hall fighting for issues important to our community.” – Robert Dawkins
    3. “. . . city elections can be very close, so my one vote could have a big impact.” – Angelica Robles
    4. “. . . it’s not just about who’s president. Who runs local government also affects me.” – Austin Padilla
    5. “. . . not voting would be giving my power away; we must use every tool we have to be heard.” – Rena McNeil


THE 2021 VOTER GUIDE FOR SPRING LAKE is produced by Democracy NC and Voting Matters Inc., which are not affiliated with any party or candidate.

This Guide provides responses from the candidates and vital information about the voting process. Candidates were given a word limit for their responses. The last question asked them to address one of these specific topics: affordable housing; police accountability and community relations; or jobs for youth.

For questions about voting, call 910-678-7733 or 888-687-8683. Two useful websites are and

What’s the Town Board Do?

The Mayor and Aldermen make a wide range of decisions affecting your life. They oversee the town’s finances; they hire and supervise the town manager, who hires the police chief and many department heads. The Town Board sets policies and priorities and oversees the many functions of local government, including:

  • The Police & Fire Departments
  • Zoning & Building Code Enforcement
  • Tax Rates & the City Budget
  • Economic & Community Development
  • Affordable Housing
  • Anti-Discrimination Ordinances
  • Recreation & Parks
  • Bus Service
  • Water, Waste Disposal & Recycling
  • City Govt. Employee Wages & Benefits

Resources for Voters – how to register, check your registration, vote by mail, locate a polling place, find a Hotline for questions. – NC State Board of Elections website with same info as above; the State Board’s Hotline is 866-522-4723. – League of Women Voters resource with candidate profiles in many cities, look up your polling place, etc. – Local voter guides and loads of information about voting.


IMPORTANT: On Election Day, Nov. 2, Spring Lake voters who live in Manchester Precinct and normally vote at the William Brown Elementary School will vote at the Multipurpose Community Center, 245 Ruth St., Spring Lake. This change is for 2021.

Have Your Say!

“When we all vote, we determine our future.” – Michelle Obama

The ballot box is the one place where we are all equal: One person, One vote. Your vote is a powerful way to express yourself. Vote in every election because your future matters! 

3 Ways to Vote


Spring Lake voters may vote early in person at one location: the Cumberland County Board of Elections office; see the address and hours listed below. (Spring Lake would have to pay to open another site.) Voting early is a good option if you have moved or have not voted in several years because your registration may need updating.

You can update a registration or register as a new voter during Early Voting by using same-day registration. Show the poll worker one of these with your name and current address: a NC driver’s license or other government photo ID; or a utility bill, a bank or payroll statement; or any document from a government agency (bill, letter, permit, etc.). The document may be a digital image on your cellphone.

2. On Election Day, at your precinct

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2021. On Election Day, go to your precinct’s polling place between 6:30 am and 7:30 pm. See the list below of the two precincts where Spring Lake voters live. If you’re in line by 7:30 pm, you will be able to vote. If you go to the wrong polling place in Spring Lake and don’t have time to go to the correct poll, ask to use a provisional ballot. If you are properly registered, it will count.

3. Mail-in absentee voting

Any registered voter may vote by mail. First, submit a request for the absentee ballot, either by using the online form at or by completing and returning a paper form so it arrives at the board of elections at least 7 days before Election Day. The paper form is at Vote the ballot sent to you in the presence of two witnesses or a notary. Fill out and sign the envelope sent to you with the ballot and return to the elections office by Election Day at 5 pm. See for details. Follow the directions carefully.

7 Tips for voting

  1. No photo ID is needed to vote in 2021. The poll worker will ask you to state your name and address and sign in.
  2. If you are not registered to vote or have moved, register at your current address at least 25 days before the election. See to register to vote online or to download a registration form. If you miss that deadline, you can use same-day registration to register and vote on the same day during Early Voting (but not on Election Day) − see #1 at left under “3 Ways To Vote” for how to use same-day registration.
  3. Newly registered voters may need to show a form of ID if there was a problem verifying their registration; they will need to show one of the non-photo IDs listed in #1 at left or any photo ID.
  4. Any voter may get help inside the poll from a near family member (not a cousin). Voters with a disability (including reading difficulty) may get help from anyone except their employer or union agent. Voters with a physical, mental or medical disability may vote in a vehicle at the polling location’s curb (“curbside voting”).
  5. You don’t lose your right to vote if you have an outstanding war-rant, traffic ticket, bankruptcy, civil fine, or misdemeanor. No elections official will ask you about outstanding fines, tickets, etc.
  6. You may take a list of your choices inside the polling place to help you remember, but do not show the list to others or leave it. You may view a list on your cellphone but don’t use the phone as a camera; taking pictures inside the poll is prohibited.
  7. If you mark the wrong choice by mistake, ask the elections official for a new ballot to replace a “spoiled” one.

Questions? Call 888-OUR-VOTE or 910-678-7733 or visit

Where to Vote on Election Day, Nov. 2

On Election Day, November 2, citizens eligible to vote in the Spring Lake election who live in either the Manchester G-11 Precinct or the Spring Lake 3 Precinct will vote at the Spring Lake Multipurpose Community Center, 245 Ruth Street, Spring Lake 28390.

The regular polling place for the Manchester Precinct will not be used
for the Spring Lake election in 2021.

Where to Vote Early, Oct. 14-30

One location is open for voting early in person:

Where: Cumberland County Board of Elections office, 227 Fountainhead Lane, Fayetteville 28301

When: Weekdays (Monday-Friday), Oct. 14-Oct. 29, 8 am-5 pm and Saturday, Oct. 30, 8 am-3 pm