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The first step to exercising your rights is knowing your rights!

That is why Disability Rights NC has launched North Carolina’s first voter information website designed specifically for people with disabilities: This accessible website will walk you through every step from registering to vote to casting your vote in person, from home, or from a facility.

Voting is a fundamental right and an important part of being a member of your community. Disability Rights North Carolina is working to ensure that those who live in state-run institutions have equal access to voting. Click here to read our letter to state-run psychiatric and developmental-disability facilities about the voting rights of people with disabilities. We regularly conduct voter registration and facilitate absentee voting for people with disabilities living in state-run facilities.


Your Vote Matters

In 2008, only 55% of people with disabilities voted in North Carolina, while 69% of people without disabilities voted, a difference of 14%. If people with disabilities throughout America voted at the same rate as people without disabilities, there would have been approximately 3 million more votes cast in the national election. 

Our report on Accessible Voting in North Carolina summarizes a multi-year effort to assess polling places across the State. Is your polling place fully accessible? Learn how to report it if your polling place is not accessible.


For Poll Workers

Regulations about accessibility may seem complicated, but many barriers can be removed very simply. The Dos and Don'ts of Polling Site Set-Up can help.

Here is a video about the etiquette of interacting with voters with disabilities. (Note: This video uses the outdated term "mental retardation" rather than "intellectual disability". The video is included because of other useful content. Disability Rights NC does not condone the use of this language.)

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