Target Areas of Work

The Disability Rights NC Board of Directors and its PAIMI (Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness) Advisory Council establish our Targets each year. These Targets help us determine how staff members spend their time during the year. Visit Frequently Asked Questions about Targets to learn about why we create Targets and what they mean for our work.

2018 Targets

(Read our full Targets document in Word or PDF.)

  • Keep students with disabilities in school.
  • Ensure that students with disabilities attend school free from abuse, including abusive interventions.
  • Advocate for the employment of people with disabilities in competitive and integrated jobs.
  • Increase access to accessible, affordable housing for people with disabilities in the communities of their choice.
  • Protect the right of people with disabilities to self-determination.
  • Reduce unnecessary institutionalization of individuals with disabilities and advance home and community-based healthcare services and supports.
  • Enforce the right of people with disabilities to have equal access to their communities.
  • Monitor the safety of North Carolina jails for people with disabilities and advocate for implementation of best practices.
  • Ensure appropriate treatment for people with disabilities in North Carolina prisons and enforce their rights to accommodations required by the ADA.
  • Promote the right of children and adolescents from the ages of five to 21 with complex mental health needs and co-occurring intellectual and/or developmental disorders to receive medically necessary, high-fidelity, community-based mental health services and supports in their homes, family setting, or the most home-like setting appropriate to their needs.
  • Keep people safe in facilities through monitoring efforts.
  • Keep people safe in facilities by investigating deaths and allegations of abuse and neglect.

We encourage any person with a disability who believes their rights are being violated to call us. Even if your issue does not fall within one of our current Target areas, we may be able to send you helpful self-advocacy resources or match you with a volunteer advocate or attorney. If you have additional questions, please email them to us at

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