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5th Anniversary Celebration

On June 21, 2012, the Staff and Board of Directors of Disability Rights NC along with friends and supporters celebrated its first five years as North Carolina's protection and advocacy system. The celebration held at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh featured interactive and informative displays presented by the staff of the organization.

Many thanks to our sponsors who gave "birthday gifts" to help Disability Rights NC continue to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act in our State.

The Arc of NC Marian and Jim Hartman
Autism Society of NC Sam Hedrick
Sandra and Charlie Barnes Hopper Law Firm
Dr. Frederick Best Marketing Association for Rehabilitation Centers (MARC)
Easter Seals UCP North Carolina & Virginia Greg McGrew
Mark Ezzell National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Adele Foschia Janna Shisler
Beth Garriss Hardy Vicki Smith


Curt Decker, Executive Director of the National Disability Rights Network, congratulated Executive Director Vicki Smith on five successful years of work in North Carolina. (L to R) Ronnie Marshall, Tyrone Hart, and Melvin Ward shared stories with Advocate Karen Murphy about their lives in the community.
Crystal de la Cruz with her children, Bella and Liam. Council Member Kenya Howard welcomed visitors to the PAIMI Advisory Council table.
From L to R: Deborah Woolard, Bill Donahue, Board Chair-Elect Kathy Boyd and Doran Payne. Greg Richardson, Executive Director of the NC Commission of Indian Affairs, discusses policy with (from L to R) Director of Public Policy Corye Dunn and Summer Intern Ashley Payne.
Summer Intern Matt Herr and Investigator Kimberly Mimms draw names for the door prizes. Executive Director Vicki Smith welcomes visitors from eastern North Carolina: (from L to R) Christy Carroll, Dr. Frederick Best, __ and __.
Staff Attorney Mercedes Restucha-Klem discusses community accessibility with Travis Payne. Chris Andrews (on left) with Printelect demonstrates how an accessible voting machine works.
(From L to R) Investigator Kimberly Mimms, Micah Williams, Marge Clemons, Board Member Adonis Brown and Clementine Brown. At registration (standing L to R) are Clementine Brown, Board Member Adonis Brown, Board Member Sadie Brewington Barbour and Dennis Barbour.
(L to R): Will Miller, Kay Miller, Senior Attorney Iris Green and Advocate Kirby Morrow. Senior Attorney Jenn Bills reviews the historical timeline of the ADA with D. Jones.
IT Administrator Ed Salerno gives Teresa Mayle a tour of Disability Rights NC's new website. (L to R): Staff Attorney Morris McAdoo and Mark Ezzell.
(L to R) Crystal de la Cruz, Ashley Lindsay and Director of Development Elaine Whitford. (L to R) PAIMI Advisory Council Member Michael Owen, John Owen and Board Chair Jeff McLoud.
(L to R) Candice Bailey, Senior Attorney Chris Trottier and Staff Attorney Lisa Rabon. (L to R) Ronnie Marshall and Jacquelyn Moore learned about the Wish Tree from Summer Intern Erin Burke.
Intake Specialist Kady McDonald enjoyed a piece of birthday cake. (L to R) Advocate Dan Fox, Jackie Thorpe and Paralegal Jarina Jones.


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